​​​​Asset Management - Ethan Vidal, Xylem

Chesapeake Magazine - Teresa DiGenova, Black and Veatch

Communications, E-newsletter Editor - Rebecca Jimenez, Black and Veatch

Community Engagement - Nicole Horvath, WSSC Water

Conference Management - Ann McPherson, Black and Veatch

CTA Board Liaison - Eric Held, Charles Morrow and Assoc.

Delaware Events - Joe Nattress, Jacobs

Diversification Management - Rebecca Jimenez, Black and Veatch

Government Affairs - J. Scott Shipe, Scott Water Infrastructure Science Inspection Services

Manufacturers/Associates Committee (MAC) - Eric Held, Charles Morrow and Assoc.

MDE Liaison - Jay Price, WSSC Water

Membership - Ivy Swann, Anne Arundel County

Operations - Robert Swann, Anne Arundel County

Public Relations, Water Taste Test - George Rest, OBG, a Ramboll Co.

Safety - J. Michael Lewis, WSSC Water

Smaller Systems - Jean Holloway, SERCAP

Source Water Protection - Clark Howells, City of Baltimore

Spring Meeting - Abbie Smith, EA Engineering, Science and Technology

Scholarship Fund Board - Aaron Duke, Hazen and Sawyer

Tri-Con Technical Program - Sophia Liskovich, Gannett Fleming

AWWA Grant Trainings - John Moore, RK&K

Utilities - Chein-Chi Chang, DC Water

Water Distribution - James LeMire, American Pipe 

Water for People - Carrie Kruger, Duffield and Assoc.

Water Quality - Jeremy Hise, Hazen and Sawyer

Water ReUse (Joint with CWEA) - Kelly Landry, Hazen and Sawyer

Young Professionals and Students - Michael Skerritt, Mott MacDonald

Committee Chairs

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CSAWWA Committees

Joining a committee is a great way to get involved, and our committees are always looking for volunteers!  Help with planning seminars, reviewing abstracts, or even just taking pictures at one of our awesome events!  There is always something to do, and it starts by simply reaching out - Simply link to the sign-up form using the orange button below, and we'll connect you with the committee chair (or chairs!) that you are interested in.