Construction Management
Covid-19 Resilience

Digital Utilities
Emergency Preparedness
Finance for Large Utilities

​Finance for Smaller Systems

Innovation and Technology
Integrated Planning
Pipe Evaluation
Rate Setting 
Source Water Resilience
​Utility Management 

Bob Beringer  Howard County Department of Public Works (retired)

Ross Beschner  Howard County Department of Public Works

Pat Bradley  City of Richmond
Troy Brogden  Baltimore City Department of Public Works
Matt Brown  DC Water
Yvonne Carney  WSSC Water

Jonathan Carpenter  DC Water
Rudy Chow  Washington Aqueduct, US Army Corps of Engineers
Patricia Colihan  WSSC Water
Steve Cooper  PVC Pipe Association (Uni-Bell)
Allen Cox  Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association
Steve de Mik  Hampton Roads Sanitation District
Robyn DeYoung  United States Environmental Protection Agency

Mohammed Dohdar  Baltimore City Department of Public Works
Samuel duPont  BGE

Calvin Farr  Prince William County Water Authority
Jeffrey Fretwell  Maryland Water Quality Finance Administration
Eric Hatcher  Cape Fear Public Utility Authority

Randy Hayman  Philadelphia Water Department
George Heiner  Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works
Ted Henifin  Hampton Roads Sanitation District

Thomas Hilton  WSSC Water

Jorianne Jernberg  United States Environmental Protection Agency
Salil Kharkar  DC Water
Tasha King Davis  City of Memphis 
Adam Krantz  National Association of Clean Water Agencies 
Mike Kyle  Lancaster Sewer Authority
Marybeth Leongini  American Water
Torri Martin  City of Atlanta
Jason Mitchell  Baltimore City Department of Public Works
Bill Packer  Essential Utilities (Aqua PA/NJ)
Matt Pajerowski  USGS / MD DE DC Water Science Center
Karen Pallansch  AlexRenew

Jay Parvez  PVC Pipe Association (Uni-Bell)

Chris Phipps  Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works
Pat Pradley  City of Richmond
Jay Price  WSSC Water
Lisa Ragain  Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
Matthew Ries  DC Water
Matthew Rowe  Water and Science Administration, MDE
Camille Rubiez  Plastic Pipe Institute
Art Shapiro  Howard County Department of Public Works
David Spacht  Artesian Resources
Lucas  Stephens   Duke University

Diane VanDe Hei  Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies

Eric Held  Charles Morrow & Assoc.

Arthur Jones-Dove  Atkins

Pam Kenel  Loudoun Water

Rob Penman  Artesian Water

Chris Phipps  Anne Arundel County

Jay Price  WSSC Water
Matthew Ries  DC Water

Rizwan Siddiqi  EBA Engineering

Art Shapiro  Howard County

Turf Valley Resort, Ellicott City, MD

Confirmed Participants (listed alphabetically)

Edward Adams  JMT

Troy Brogden  Baltimore City

Priscilla Brown Buchalla  Black & Veatch

Prabhushankar Chandrasekeran  Stantec

Chein-Chi Chang  DC Water(retired)

Rudy Chow  Washington Aqueduct

Steve De Mik  Hampton Roads Sanitation District
Teresa DiGenova  Black & Veatch

Andrew Fuller  Black & Veatch

The Program

It is truly an event planned by utilities,

for utilities and their partners.

​​​The Mid-Atlantic Utility Conference brings utility leaders together from across the region and beyond, to learn and network with colleagues sharing similar challenges. ​​

The conference brings together hundreds of utility leaders and their partners for two days of learning and networking.  Up to 11 hours of continuing education is approved for Professional Engineers, and will be submitted for operators licensed in Maryland, Delaware and District of Columbia.  Sessions will cover:

november 9-10, 2021

The Resilient Utility 

Our conference theme highlights the challenges utilities face, and how we overcome them, to continuously provide safe, clean water - for customers and the environment - in our dramatically changing world.  Our program is nearly set, with dozens of utility leaders participating  in a combination presentation / panel discussion format for each session -- you will not want to miss this year's Mid-Atlantic Utility Conference!

Special thanks to our volunteer committee members who have been working diligently for nearly two years to bring together this awesome program.   THANK YOU!!!

If you have questions at this time, please email our Committee Chair, Chein-Chi Chang, or send a note to